Monday, 26 December 2011

Weekly Gratitude - Expanded!

Considering my current blogging presence, this is most likely my last post this year. So let me make the most of it! Therefore, I'm not expressing my weekly gratitude this time, I'll expand it into the entire year's worth. So, some of the things I've been grateful for this year:

- my family, the immediate and the expanded one, and the fact that we've all reached the end of the year (relatively) healthy
- the fact that oh so many years ago (23!) I found my soulmate and best friend, my husband
- the wonderful period in our lives, seeing our two children grow up from day to day (sometimes they're too smart for their own good, if you ask me...)
- the first half of the year when I had more time to be creative and managed to spend more time on my blog
- the second half of the year which brought many challenging tasks - and they were all mastered with flying colours!
- our new home - I felt cosy and really at home in our house the very first night we slept here
- all of you, again, my dear blogging friends - you allow me to travel the world without actually leaving the house (even though, every now and then, I wouldn't mind having a cup of tea with you in person... in your living room, perhaps...?)
- the fact that my husband & I actually managed to leave the house and flew to London for the weekend back in June; it felt great to be 'home' again
- our lazy and peaceful Christmas, with my two children singing at our local church - so sweet!
- my little girl's first solo performance - goodness me, she was so proud!
- once again, our friends - I'm really looking forward to spending New Year's Eve with them!

P.S.: In case this really is my last post this year - in 2012 I wish you much love and health and happiness and pretty little things to make your hearts sing... and for myself, I sincerely wish to have some more blogging opportunities! See you next year, then!

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  1. My dear Mojca - receive the best wishes and a warm hug for the new year.
    I have worn something today that I think you may like :)


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