Thursday, 21 February 2013

Sunday Best

Better late than never- last Sunday outfit. It came together as I went along, starting with the lace skirt (in the middle of winter, I can't help it) and I was very much pleased with the final result. Sort of Russian-looking, isn't it? I guess the hat has its own say... Beware another photo overload!

Outfit details:

-  boots - Alpina (local brand)
- tights - home closet
- lace skirt - Labod (local brand); had it for ages!
- rollneck - Benetton (ditto!)
- jacket - local supermarket (would you believe it; several years ago, though)
- belt - local boutique
- fake fur hat - Barts
- leather gloves - M&S
- corsage - craft shop in the capital
- Liberty Wiltshire scarf (barely seen) - Etsy (AliceCaroline)
- angel pendant - this year's birthday present from my little girl
- bag - present from last Christmas, handmade 

No sign of spring yet whatsoever :(

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