Monday, 18 November 2013


Tweed is definitely my favourite fabric,
it's so utterly and completely British!

It helps if it's actually spun in Britain as well, of course, 
as is the case with this lovely tweedie skirt 
from Boden (who else?)

I wore this to church yesterday,  
I felt like a proper British landlady :)

With clothes like these,
I'm perfectly fine 
with winter weather.
Just skip the snow if you will!

Outfit details:

- heeled brogues - Boden
- tights - home closet
- tweed skirt - Boden
- rollneck - Boden
- tweed jacket  - InWear (not Boden, would you believe it?)
- scarf - ancient, can't remember
- hat - Boden (surprise, surprise ...)

Oh Boden, how I love thee!

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  1. You look splendid. you should be a poster girl for Boden! x


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