Friday, 30 September 2011

Being Creative Gallery - Autumn

OK, I realise this is getting slightly out of control. Last month I posted one of my old projects. This month, I'm not even posting my own project! But, with both children starting school again, which also includes their afternoon activities, and with my husband still being partly disabled (left wrist still in plaster cast, hopefully only three days to go!), I simply cannot find any time for crafting. I hope things will get better next month :)

However, autumn is my favourite season and I really didn't want to miss this month's project. And, since creativity runs in the family, I paid a visit to my Mum's house. Ta-dah! I'm presenting one of her latest projects, her 'dry leaves & flowers' wall - isn't it gorgeous?

She had been collecting the material for quite some time, and managed to finish the display a while ago. She's very happy with the result, and so am I! I think it's absolutely and utterly gorgeous!

Sooo, please excuse me for not really being creative this month, I promise to make something for the October gallery!


  1. I can see where you get your creative genes from Mojca! These are fab :) Family life does tend to interrupt 'crafty life' a bit - hope you get more time soon :D

  2. Ooh that's really great...simple and effective!
    Hope you find some creative space soon
    Ali x

  3. Ha! It's funny i just mentioned that creativity and crafting run in the family !
    This looks really nice :)

  4. I struggled this month to do anything creative, so just photographed my garden!

  5. Sorry posted before I had finished writing! That is a lovely idea of your mums, it looks great!


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