Friday, 9 September 2011

Seaside Cycling

It's been three weeks since we returned home from our seaside holiday. A lot has happened in these three weeks. My husband had a bad cycling accident (both arms in plaster cast as of yesterday!), I managed to translate eighty-five pages (of densely printed text) in seventeen days (Slovenian into English), my boy and my girl are back to school.

Our seaside holiday seems like ages and ages ago. We had a great time, though, and memories of enjoyable moments are always welcome when life gets a little rough.

We usually take our bikes to the seaside, there are some absolutely wonderful cycling paths in that part of our country. This year was no exception. The only problem is that I very rarely remember to take my camera along, I only make mental pictures of the absolutely breathtaking scenery.

These pictures were taken in the town of Koper, Slovenia, where we cycled along the coastline from our holiday resort, fifteen kilometres away. The cycling path between Portorose and Koper is truly enjoyable, winding its way through old railway tunnels, sweet-smelling vineyards and peach orchards. Heaven on Earth, I tell you.

It somehow never occurred to me to actually take a picture of us cycling or at least one of our bikes, but here we are, relaxing after our first half of the ride, and after some delicious ice cream, at one of Koper's beautiful lush and green parks.

P.S.: This is how our little girl manages to push her Lil Stardust for thirty kilometres...


  1. Congratulations!You and your family are really sporty!

  2. It sounds like a beautiful place to cycle - though I think I'd have to do it in cooler weather! Hope your husband's are heal quickly - it must be really hard for you both at the moment. Have a good weekend!

  3. Hi Mojca - great holiday pics! Hope things get a little more relaxed for you & your family very soon! :D
    Alison :)

  4. I am sorry about your husband - then again at least you are home :) so he is well taken care of.


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