Saturday, 13 April 2013

Out Of My Comfort Zone

But still comfortable enough. If you have been following my blog you know that black is not very often on my menu. It's simply not my colour. When I pick neutrals I tend to choose from the brown section. 

However, when I saw this Boden dress I immediately pictured myself wearing it - by adding at least some colour (I rather like black paired with green and shades of pink & lavender). I could have purchased a red or a blue one - they were totally yummy - but I deliberately went for black because I wanted to have an item in my closet which really appealed to me in terms of style & cut and was perhaps not my favourite colour (which would probably be any other but black...). Isn't this just the sweetest dress you've ever seen? And it's 100% wool, too, which makes it soft and warm and cosy and wearable most of the year for a freezing girl like me :)

You might get a better picture of the dress next time when I wear it without my favourite cardigan. The dress will get a lot of wear, I believe.

Oh, and my floral tights. I've had them for ages. Love at first sight, obviously, but since they're black you get the idea. Not worn an awfully lot. Perfect though, agree?

Another old purchase (like almost twenty years old) was this hat. It had a lovely wide black ribbon tied in a big bow but after years spent in my closet I decided it needed a makeover. A nice big felt blossom (what else?). Which, surprisingly, happened a few years ago as well...  and the hat hasn't made it to my blog so far if I remember things correctly. Should you remember otherwise please let me know :) Just goes to show that black things in general don't get a lot of wear in my world.

Outfit details:

- boots - local shoe shop (closed down years ago - there, see?)
- flats (only worn indoors) - Next
- tights - boutique in the capital
- top - Firefly
- dress - Boden
- cardigan - Boden
- coat - Boden (steady on!)
- scarf - local boutique
- corsage - crafts shop in the capital
- hat - Stefanel; self-embellished
- pink suede clutch - local boutique

Black or no black: that is the question :)

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