Sunday, 11 July 2010

Family Weekend In The Forest

We spent the weekend on a family picnic in a forest cabin (mainly outside the cabin, of course...). It's a sort of tradition in our circle of friends - we book this cabin for a weekend at the beginning of summer, usually before we all go away on holidays, and spend two days having a fabulous time together, eating yummy food, and exploring the wooded hills surrounding our town.

The kids really enjoy themselves, every year they look forward to spending a couple of nights sleeping on bunk beds in their sleeping bags. And all that only about a-quarter-of-an-hour-drive from our flat! I don't even bother joining them in the car, I prefer to take a hike!

We had a lovely weather again this year (it was pouring last year, but we didn't mind; there was a large covered area for BBQs and on our final day we even got some sunshine...).

Whenever we picnic up here, the place is buzzing with children - this year, I'm happy to say, with quite a few 'new additions'!

Good time was had by all, so...

...see you next year!

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  1. Oh, that looks great! Anything with friends and food gets my vote!


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