Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Being Creative Gallery - Home

I have to admit, I'm cheating a little bit. These houses were not 'built' in the merry month of Maying. In fact, they were made in March, and already blogged about (shame on me!). You can read all about them here.

However, the opportunity was just too tempting as this month's theme of the Being Creative challenge was 'Home'. I thought these two houses were on the spot, as we're actually moving into a house in a few weeks' time!


  1. I expect you're really busy packing if you are moving soon - what a good excuse to give such fantastic homes another airing?
    I love these two bright blue houses and the other two in your previous post...what a lot of work goes into making them...and wonderful how each type looks so different and unique!
    Hope you find plenty of space to create in your new home!
    Ali ;-)

  2. Love your little houses - as soon as I saw them I thought of Attic 24 then when I read your post I saw that's where you drew inspiration from :-)

  3. You clever soul, these are perfect for the theme of Home - I love the detail, the keyring is a fabulous idea!

    Sending love,
    Julia x

  4. I wouldn't mind moving into one of your little houses! They are lovely. Hope all works out with your move!

  5. How exciting Mojca - hope all goes well! I'm sure it will be just as cute as these fab little houses :D

  6. Thank you so much for all your kind comments & good wishes. I'll keep you posted on the moving progress!

  7. I love your keyring and diary makeover, especially the colours and the embroidered flowers!

  8. What a fun design! I love the keychain, and the key is pretty neat too! :))))))


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