Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Houses Part Two (And Three. And Four...)

OK, on with my crafting posts! The image below caught my eye when I was browsing through Marie Claire Ideas magazine (French edition, Jan/Feb 2011). I fell in love with the pretty house purse on the left. I couldn't quite work out its size but then I figured out I was limited by the size of my cream thick felt patch anyway so I made a lovely little coin/card purse to use when I go out for a cup of coffee with my friends.

... Mine turned out like this: ta-dah!

I used felt for the house, the roof and the door, I hand-embroidered some pretty flowers, sewed on a large wooden button, and found some scraps of Liberty Tana Lawn and some old lace for the windows. The green check ribbon is (almost vintage) Laura Ashley. I love my little house purse, if you don't mind my saying so! A very chic thing to pull out of your handbag...

But, this was not enough, of course. After googling around on the internet I spotted this sweet little needle case at Cath Kidston. I could have ordered it, of course, but why spend money and wait endless days for the postman to arrive when one can be creative? I made a tiny little version I keep in my crochet purse in case I should need a needle (doesn't this sound just splendid?) whilst crocheting (and finishing a project) out of home.

Next stop for my inspiration was Lucy's blog. To be quite honest with you, she's my continuous source of inspiration anyway. On a daily basis, would you believe it (more of that to come in the following days). I just can't help myself, I absolutely adore her colourful crafty blog!

Some time ago Lucy made a house keyring which (of course) I fell madly in love with. Had to make one for myself, simply had to.

Another ta-dah...

Isn't it pretty? And to make matters more interesting, I adorned the back side as well - there's a sweet little apple tree growing in the back garden!

I love my house keyring so much that I really wanted to make another little house in the same manner. I found this old notebook lying around and embellished it with my pretty house. Needless to say, it has now turned into my favourite notebook ever. Ever!

Alright then, let this be enough houses for today. Can you see this slowly developing into my obsession? Hopefully not. There will be other projects on display, promise. Soon. Very soon.

Stay tuned...


  1. Wow, wow, wow, Mojca!!! What amazingly gorgeous creations - just beautiful :) Sorry have missed some of your posts, although I did manage to skim through your lovely house collage one yesterday at work - ssshhhh, don't tell anyone, hehe!
    Love your embroidery touches BTW - so beautifully done!
    Alison x

  2. Thank you, Alison! A compliment from a talented crafty girl like yourself means a great deal to me! Don't worry, I'll be as quiet as a mouse...

  3. Prelepe hiske!
    najrajsa bi ker stanovala v eni! :-)

  4. Tudi jaz, Marysia, ker so narejene po vzorcu angleških hiš...!


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