Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Being Creative Gallery - Travel

I'm cheating a little bit again. This project hasn't been created this month. When I saw this month's theme, however, I immediately thought of it and was absoutely determined that I wanted to post about it. It seemed so appropriate!

Our family spent four lovely days in Vienna three years ago. It was August, so at least one thing co-ordinates with the project. We brought home all sorts of souvenirs, mainly in the form of tickets and postcards. As these things often get lost I decided to put them all in one place, i.e. a huge poster, and put the whole thing on display.

Both children were delighted to help. It took us quite a while to actually start working on our little holiday project, I remember it was a gloomy late autumn day, but we sat on the floor in the middle of our living room and in our minds, we were once again taken to the lovely streets of the Austrian capital.

My boy was seven at the time, my little girl four, and they did their best to capture their memories of the unforgettable adventure.

I can't remember exactly where I'd got the idea for the poster, but I do remember being absolutely delighted at the sight of it. And so were my little ones.

We love our Vienna poster so much that it is still on display in our hallway. As we are moving house in the near future, the poster will have to move as well - it may find its new home stuck in a box with other 'artistic creations', but nevertheless it has provided us with many beautiful memories of our family trip.

Our next family destination - London, perhaps?

Stay tuned.


  1. A lovely way to remember a family holiday.

  2. Aw that's fantastic Mojca - a lovely piece of family memorabilia! Great to keep even if it isn't always on display :D

  3. what a great idea! Makes me want to go someplace fabulous so i can make one! :))))

  4. This is so great! I love the fact that your children helped to create this colourful poster, their little drawings bring a great energy to it. Thanks for sharing this, it's a really good example of how to capture the spirit of Travel - and Im enjoying seeing the different interpretations of this theme.

    Sending love
    Julia x x x

  5. Hi! That is a great way to keep lovely memories!

  6. What a lovely idea for you all to be involved in recording your colourful memories of your trip...and great that its still on your wall..for now at least!

  7. That is such a great idea. When we return to our real lives after a holiday we can get too busy to remember the experience, so this a lovely way to relive the good times.

  8. Such a lovely family project and a great way to remember a holiday together :-)

  9. What a really lovely family project. Thanks for sharing. Good luck with your house move.


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