Monday, 29 August 2011

Oliver Cycling To The Sun

Whatever. What a title, ah? Makes no sense, really, only my association with today's photos. I took some detail pics of my outfit today. I didn't go for the whole thing as it was rather boring, but the colours are quite fun, don't you think?

This pink beauty is my holiday souvenir from this year. It was love at first sight! I mean, it's bright pink, what more can you ask for in a watch?

The gold bike pendant is borrowed from my son. It was his Christening gift ten years (and exactly a month) ago. Who could have thought then that he would really be an avid cyclist one day!

And my sweet sunflower Boden sandals - comfy and joyous, another summer favourite.

I'm wearing:

- sandals - Boden
- cropped jeans - Wallis
- shirt - McKinley
- watch - S.Oliver

P.S.: 'Oliver' is not my boy's name...

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