Thursday, 4 August 2011

Colour Burst

Tuesday's outfit. It was a lovely, warm summer day - most people would call it 'hot' (obviously, I'm not 'most people'...). I had some errands to run after lunch so I took my two (not so) little ones and off we went.

My boy took these pictures on our way back, as we crossed the bridge at the local library. You can see our magnificent parish church in the background! Seeing these pictures makes me realise that ours is a very pretty town!

I'm wearing:

- sandals - Boden (arrived safely!)
- skinny jeans - miss bonbon
- dress - Ivko
- top - Mexx
- crochet bag - I made it!
- sunglasses - Marks&Spencer
- watch - Calvin Klein
- angel bracelet, open heart bracelet - self-made
- house earrings - made by Marysia

Hot summer? Memories... Another cold & rainy day today...


  1. I love your way with colour. Those sandals are fabulous and yes, what a pretty town.

  2. Gorgeous outfit and a beautiful town!
    Thanx for sharing!

  3. I adore all the colors and your boy can take very good pictures !


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