Tuesday, 9 August 2011


Last Sunday we attended a lovely celebration, the christening of a little girl, our new goddaughter. It was a beautiful ceremony in a little church just outside the capital, with a tiny congregation and an artistic vicar - who apart from being a priest is also a painter.

This was our christening package, containing a white napkin symbolizing the white clothing, a candle, a lovely Children's Bible (officially translated from English into Slovenian by yours truly!), a golden cross and a painting of a sweet little angel (by my friend Marysia).

As required by tradition, I embroidered the little girl's name and the date of the christening on the napkin.

Then I placed the napkin in a jar. It's been my obsession of late, I love putting foldable presents in old jam jars... Doesn't it look adorable?

We bought the candle at our local parish church shop, and I loved it! It was decorated by our friend's mum.

We included a tiny golden cross in the package, I thought it was really appropriate, tiny & shiny, just like our little goddaughter!

No pictures of the Bible and the angel, I'm afraid, as I'd wrapped those long before it crossed my mind to take some pictures of the christening goodies. So me. Sorry!


  1. What lovely gifts.
    Just a reminder that the Capsule Wardrobe Contest begins soon.
    Jane X

  2. Thank you! I'm looking forward to CPC!

  3. How very thoughtful of you.
    I am certain her parents picked good godparents.
    I really liked the idea of placing the handkerchief inside the jar.


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