Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Cycling Outfit

Ever since I got my precious cruiser (just over two years ago!), I've been figuring out that I can actually cycle in most of my outfits (and more or less the entire year, minus the snowed-in time). Naturally, I ride my beloved Peacock more frequently during the warmer months, even though I must admit that it is rather appealing to cycle with hand-warmers and bundled up in woollen scarves...

Anyway, almost time for scarves in the last few days, but generally speaking we've had a fair share of warm summer days so far.

My cycling go-to uniform usually consists of a summery skirt, a top of some sort, sandals or plimsolls, and some fun accessories.

On one of my cycling trips into town I wore:

- plimsolls (with cherries!) - Cath Kidston
- denim skirt - Corazon
- shirt - McKinley
- bicycle pendant - borrowed from my son
- hydrangea brooch -  handmade by my friend Marysia
- messenger bag - Joules
- pink watch - S. Oliver
- glass cherry earrings - Etsy (bullseyebeads)

Do you enjoy cycling?


  1. I love cycling...might try and go this weekend with the family. Those cheery earrings are soo cute :)

    Laura x

    1. Thank you, Laura! We cycle quite a lot as a family, we always take our bikes on holiday with us and we really enjoy exploring the sights from our two wheels!


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