Monday, 16 July 2012

The Lady In Red

The title seemed so appropriate... On second thought, it is a bit pretentious to call oneself a lady, isn't it...? Anyway, an outfit at long last, from a couple of weeks ago. When it was really, I mean really warm. Hot, actually. It was still hot last Saturday. Then, all of a sudden, the temperatures dropped alarmingly yesterday. Summer, what's going on here? 

I'm wearing:

- tan leather sandals - local boutique
- shirt dress - McKinley
- top (underneath) - Benetton
- embroidered belt - Brora (last summer's sale)
- tan leather bag - Benetton (old!)
- turquoise beads - bead shop in the capital
- giraffe pin - crafts boutique in the capital
- sunglasses - M&S
- angel bracelets
- last but certainly not least, my all time favourite 'accessory' - my little girl :)

Here's to us ladies!

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