Friday, 20 July 2012

May & June In Pictures I.

As the month of July is nearing the end I thought I might share some snippets I finally managed to download from my camera which tell a story about our cosy late spring/early summer days. 

The last weekend in May saw us on a mountain climbing trip (more like a hill climbing, to be honest) in the north-west of the country. It was the last trip of the season for the young hikers at the local school - both my children are part of the group - and parents were invited to join them. Yay!

We had a wonderful day, the weather was gorgeous, and once on top of the hill, we could take a peek to the neighbouring Austria! At the picture below you can see the border stone, and RS stands for the Republic of Slovenia. The valley behind me is already Austria.

Mid-June was time for picnicking. There wasn't a weekend that we would spend at home, I believe. Totally enjoyable.

Lots of sun, yummy food, and beautiful surroundings. Watching the children splash in the river, chatting to friends, some of whom hadn't been seen for ages. Taking photos and just drinking it all in.

I like living in our little part of the world, even though my heart believes that my home is in Britain...

To be continued :)

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