Friday, 27 August 2010

Thursday Afternoon

The second outfit from yesterday, when it got too warm for my cosy Petit Bateau top and my red Nike flats. I kept the cropped trousers because they're really light and perfect for the summer heat.

I even went into trouble of changing my jewellery, I felt I needed something turquoise. Hence the ring and the earrings.

I went shopping in the afternoon, we ran out of a few things, and my bike basket is absolutely perfect for a quick ride to the supermarket and for picking up some groceries.

I'm wearing:

wedge sandals - Marx
cropped trousers - Playlife
top - Playlife
bag - Zara
necklace - Haba
earrings - market at our usual seaside resort, years ago

I'm riding:

Electra Cruiser Peacock...
...and loving it!


  1. I'm a bike lover myself, and I can't stop drooling over yours. It is truly an amazing piece of art:)


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