Tuesday, 5 October 2010


Saturday's outfit. I totally loved it. It consisted of two items I got as hand-me-downs from my friends. Isn't this just the greatest way of adding 'new' items to one's wardrobe? I certainly think so...

I got this gorgeous blue corduroy skirt from a former colleague who was having her 'autumn wardrobe cleaning' (as opposed to the spring one...) and apart from the skirt, I also got a pretty black top and an oatmeal-coloured cotton shirt. Perfection!

The other 'new' item is my lovely black flats - they're from my best friend's daughter! Her feet size is already bigger than mine (or that of her Mum's) and - voila! - something in there for me, too!

I'm wearing:

- flats - Stroll (hand-me-down from best friend's daughter)
- tights - small shop in the capital
- skirt - Mango (hand-me-down from former colleague)
- leather belt - local shop
- top - Get
-cardi - Wallis
- these brooches & bracelets

- messy hair!!!

P.S.: Hard to believe, but this outfit is really cycling-friendly!

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  1. I adore black and blue, as a matter of fact I'm wearing it today :D
    Have a lovely Wednesday, Biba xxx


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