Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Pink Hoodie & Co.

What the heck, I'm blogging the pink hoodie! I'm not giving you the whole outfit, but here's the upper part - the hoodie & my favourite pashmina. The children are having a week off and since I don't have to be their taxi driver I don't run out of the house first thing in the morning. Which is why I don't really bother with the outfits. I put on my navy blue sweat pants & the said hoodie and embark on my daily tasks in front of my computer. Nice and cosy!

I'm adding some more pink accessories from my collection - Harris Tweed purse, wristlet & book bag. I absolutely adore pink Harris Tweed!

Again, on a more serious note, I'm planning to participate in a charity run for breast cancer awareness in my country next autumn. I had to skip it this year as my running was a non-issue.

Every year I'm slightly more partial to a different sort of exercise (well, choosing from walking, running & cycling, don't get too excited...) and this year I put some more effort - not enough, still - into cycling. Running coming up next year again!


  1. i love pink!, so sad how come am not aware of this pink challenge! nice outfit Biba!


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