Friday, 1 April 2011

My Crochet

I've been rather busy in the crochet department lately. Quite a lot to show you. Mind you, this is only a part of it! Sooo,... First of all, some cushion covers-to-be (still need to sew on the back sides...).

Remember the Granny Square headband? It turned out I didn't wear it very often so I transformed it into this:

Then I decided to make a scarf for myself. As I'm not very skilled at crochet I had some problems with some stitches, and I didn't want that to be seen in my lovely future scarf. Another cushion cover it is, then!

This last one was just practice - I had one tiny little Granny Square left from the top cushion cover and I just made it grow...

Somewhere between the cushion covers I managed to squeeze in two sweet little pot holders (I'd always wanted to have a sweet little crochet pot holder - now I have two!). They're just so darn pretty, aren't they!

Still, one picture of my pot holders would probably suffice... Ah well...

Last but not least, a doily! I saw a similar one over at Julia's and I thought - I can do that! Indeed I could!

So, here they all live happily ever after - in my kitchen.

More crochet to come - I'll give you a sneak preview of my gorgeous scarves in my next post, so stay tuned!


  1. all this stuff is so FUN! I really need to learn to crochet!

    I adore all the colors... have you made a neck ? or necklace ?

  3. Vou! Mojca si res naderjena!!!! kako barvno in optimistično! Enkrat ko bo nam sonček še malo več zasijal rada bi prišla na majhno, "nabalkonske" izobraževanje- kako se dela take lepe stvari :-)
    topel obejm!

  4. Franca - do try! You're an excellent knitter so I'm certain you'd have no problems with crocheting - I find it much easier! I'm looking forward to seeing your crochet colour combos... :)

    Lorena - I made four scarves and a brooch, no necklaces as yet...

    Marysia - hvala za poklon! Z veseljem nudim 'lekcije iz kvačkanja' - kolikor pač znam. Vse to so v resnici preproste stvari, ampak izdelki nastanejo pa prav luštni. Torej, se pridružiš 'kvačkarskemu krožku' ob nedeljah po maši...?

  5. Oooooh, very pretty Mojca! I love your colour schemes - very inspiring! The doily is especially fab :D

  6. Thank you, Alison! As for the colour schemes, these are the only colours available in my hometown (only one shop that sells yarn, I'm afraid), but luckily enough they're very pretty and I like them!


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