Tuesday, 26 April 2011

A Walk In The Woods

On Easter Sunday, after the early morning Easter mass, a long, delicious and filling brunch, and, of course, a nap, we decided to go for a walk in the nearby woods. The area where we live is densely covered with forests and a stroll in the midst of lovely greenery is always only a step away.

There is a charming path leading through a part of the woods near our home, with various flora & fauna, and there's a 'guided tour' in the form of little wooden plaques that explain what you're passing by.

My husband called this a 'Harry Potter' tree... It does have a certain magical touch to it, doesn't it? Even more so in real life, the pictures (my pictures, I'm afraid) don't really do justice to this fabulous magical tree...

It's all crooked and covered in ivy and when looking at it you somewhat expect it will speak to you... one way or the other...

My boy packed his pocket knife and carved a huge amount of wands and walking sticks from old branches - enjoying himself to bits!

My girl picked flowers and frolicked around the woods like there was no tomorrow... She's such a happy little soul!

My husband & I enjoyed the peace and quiet (with two children? nearly impossible, wouldn't you say?) and put this walk into the drawer of the most pleasurable memories in the back of our minds.

But, as any pleasurable activity, the walk was eventually finished.

And all I can say at this point is bye-bye for now!


  1. Your day sounds lovely, bet it was nice to see your children having such fun outdoors! That tree is an amazing shape too, not seen one like that before! x

  2. It was, they really enjoyed themselves (especially after some initial whining, as in 'Do we have to go...?'). We really had a great time!


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