Sunday, 16 October 2011

Japanese Flowers & Granny Squares

I still have some early summer crafting to show you. Months ago (seems like ages and ages ago...) I made these pretty Japanese flowers from my beloved Liberty fabric scraps.

They're really tiny and delicate. For quite a while, I wasn't quite sure what to use them for. In the end, I decided to make a necklace.

It looks very pretty around the neck. The flowers resemble tiny little buttons. My necklace has already received a number of compliments!

My other summer project was this Granny Square belt. I wore it several times but I always managed to leave my camera at home at the time so no photos I'm afraid. Until next summer...

It was really easy to make. I crocheted twelve squares but it turned out eleven were more than enough to fit my waist (the belt is very stretchy, actually). I added some pearly buttons, and voila! The pattern of the squares provides the button holes so there's no extra work!

The colours are my usual yarn colours, nothing new in that department, but I totally love them. The belt was mostly worn with my blue dress. Like it?


  1. Love it! What an unusual belt, so creative! Not sure I could pull it off (I'm quite a reserved dresser really) but I bet you look amazing in it - pictures please next time ;) As for your necklace, it is so beautiful, what a great idea, the little flowers look wonderful all strung together like that xxx

  2. Thank you for your kind words, Jenny!

  3. I LOVE your belt! What size are the little flowers on your necklace, you made them I assume?
    You've got all sorts of fun stuff in here!
    I like your style! :))))

  4. Thank you so much, Melody, I appreciate your comments! I made the necklace, yes, and the flowers are quite tiny, about one centimeter each. I'll post a picture of me wearing the necklace, so you can get the proportions right!

  5. Gorgeous, gorgeous necklace !
    I have attempted these little fabric cushions and since i am not very arty they just look so sad :(

  6. That necklace is just gorgeous! And I'm sure the belt looks very funky on, lovely colours. It would be great to see you wearing them both. Love Vanessa xxx


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