Monday, 31 October 2011

Weekly Gratitude & Apology

Right, so, let me express my gratitude first... This week I'm very, very grateful for:

- our family finally living in a house!!!
- our dear, dear friends who helped with our move
- my husband getting much better; his plaster cast came off last week (after nine weeks...) :)
- more translating work, even though it takes up enormous amounts of my time
- my two sweet children on a school break this week
- enjoyable get-togethers with our friends, big and small

And now the apologies... what can I say? As usual in cases like this, life has taken over. I even skipped last week's Gratitude post, that says a lot. First of all, we moved. Finally. We spent our first night in the house on October 19th. We love it here. The flat is not completely empty yet - I'm amazed to see how much one family can stuff into a flat in a decade and a half... And unfortunately, I'm not one of those people who can get rid of things easily. I tend to keep everything. Put on a 'Made in England' sign - or at least 'Bought in Britain' - and it's a keeper! For life!

Anyway, we enjoy living in the house, even though we still partly live out of our boxes, the reason for that being my new translating work. I have no idea why people always come to me with last-minute commissions... Everyone needs their texts translated yesterday, which leaves me with afternoons and evenings behind my computer, typing in word for word and living in the world of the text topic for the following few days. This time, it's the church history of our capital... Amen!

Apart from my Gratitude post, I'm afraid I'm missing another important project this month (I was sooo hoping last month that this would not be the case!) - my Being Creative challenge. I really love this project, but what with the move and the evening translations, there was absolutely no time left for anything creative. Perhaps next month?

I've got a few more pages to go with my translation and then, hopefully, my normal blogging service will resume. I've got so much to show you! I do follow your blogs, though, my dear friends, and enjoy them enourmously. Let's stay in touch!


  1. Hi Mojca - I'm apologising over at my blog too, so many hours at the office job :(!! Huge congrats on your new house - how exciting! Hope you get back to 'crafty' mode soon :)

  2. Mojca ! things will fall back in place ;)
    Moving can be a true hassle, I moved 3 years ago and I too hold on to everything. Almost 4 years later I still have items in boxes.
    I hope you fill this new house with lots of love and fun memories.


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