Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Beanies Galore

I loved this post from the gorgeous Yen and since I'm a big fan of any head gear I'm doing a post on the topic as well! Great inspiration, thank you! 

In winter, I actually never leave the house without my head covered. I'm always freezing so a hat or a beret or a beanie provide the necessary or additional warmth I need to get through the winter months. Which is why, of course, I have a lovely collection of this sort of accessories :) So, here we go:

1. an incredibly warm hand-made woollen beanie from a shop in the capital (the shop sadly closed a few months ago; it was a beautiful little thing but after a little more than a decade the owners decided they'd had enough); comes with a pair of matching mittens.

2. hand-knitted and -embroidered by my mum, for my birthday twelve years ago (when I was expecting my first-born); this one is my favourite; comes with a pair of matching mittens as well :)

3. Barts, from the local sports shop; I wear it on my daily walks/runs.

4. another one hand-made by my mum! I saw a similar thing in a magazine several years ago and asked her if she could make one for me; voila! It's actually even nicer than the original (which unfortunately is no longer available...).

5. and another one from Barts, same shop as above; same use as above as well, actually :)

So, this is it. I've got a few more in my 'beanie box' but I thought five was enough. And anyway, these are the most frequently worn, so it's only fair they get into the spotlight :)


  1. Oh, how I wish it was beanie weather here!! Lovely shots, hope you are super duper!!!

    1. Thank you! I'm not a big fan of 'beanie weather' but accessories like these make it more bearable :)

  2. I love the array of colours but my favourite is the cream one.

    1. Thank you, Jane, the ones made by my mum are my favourites as well!

  3. Oh wow - these are fabulous Mojca! I wish I looked good in a beanie, but alas, no!!! These all look great :) :)


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