Monday, 21 January 2013

Going Primary

With colours. I wore this to church yesterday. I was considering a red skirt at first but it seemed a little bit over the top. So I stuck with the yellow, blue & green - it all stays in the family!

I got the lovely yellow rollneck in the Boden sale - it's absolutely brilliant! I love the colour and the material is really nice; I have dozens and dozens of outfits in mind with this juicy pop of colour :)

I really like my new necklace as well, this year's birthday present from some very good friends of mine. They know me sooo well! And have I mentioned that the watch actually works? :)

My trusty heels - even in this dreadful weather!

And the outdoors version; 
can't go more classic than this!

Outfit details:

- boots - Alpina (local brand)
- tight - no idea (found in closet)
- skirt - Joules
- rollneck - Boden
- cardi - Boden
- necklace - birthday present
- coat - Benetton
- scarf - Barbour
- hat - hand-me-down from my lovely mum
- tote - Barbour
- Harris tweed bumble bee - my lovely blogging friend Alison made it!


  1. I love the necklace, how brilliant it shows the time as well!

  2. My dear Biba, you are certainly looking beautiful, what a nice outfit.

  3. Thank you both, Franca and Lorena :)


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