Monday, 28 January 2013

Of Cupcakes & PJs & Matching Hearts

We had a little celebration at church yesterday. My little girl officially became a member of a charity group for youngsters in our parish, and mums were asked to prepare something sweet for the do after mass.

I decided to make a batch of delicious vanilla cupcakes, and since my little girl was 'our family cause' for the celebration the icing had to be pink :) It's my girl's favourite colour, naturally.

Because we all know that I love colour I had to sprinkle some hundreds-and-thousands on top of the cakes to make them slightly more rainbow-like... Even if I say so myself, they were absolutely delicious!

Outfit of the morning: PJs and my trusty apron (Christmas gift from my cousin several years ago - so me!), and, of course, my boiled wool slippers with red heart applique - talk about matching patterns...

Nothing can beat icing cupcakes at 7am on a Sunday morning, can it?

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