Thursday, 21 July 2011

Hurry Up, Mr Postman!

Any day now... I got a pair of these last week but the sole on the heel cracked after only two wears so I sent them back. A replacement is already on the way, I've been told. Apart from the cracked sole, they're absolutely gorgeous, and as I don't wear heels very often, it's kind of nice to feel taller for almost four inches!

The bottom pair says 'summer' to me and because both pairs of sandals were on summer sale I kindly invited them into my home!

Patiently waiting for the postman, should be any day now... Thank you, Boden!


  1. Hope they come soon, I know how annoying waiting for things to arrive is!!! x

  2. Both are lovely but the yellow ones are my favourite. Fingers crossed they will be with you soon.

  3. Thanks, Jenny!
    And thank you, Jane, it's so nice to be hearing from you again!

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  5. Hi! I like this post so much, the one in the last picture is a really great pair of shoes!!
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