Thursday, 29 October 2009

Keep On Shining!

The sun, that is. We've had some lovely autumn days again here in Slovenia. It's not very warm but the sun is lovely and it makes the world such a happy place, don't you think? I'm really happy for the kids who have a week off - they can spend plenty of time outside, playing with friends. Both my boy and my girl have been 'hanging out' with their best friends a lot these days, I'm sure they'll get their 'holiday's worth' out of the week! My little girl goes to kindergarten anyway but I pick her up earlier than usual so she has a holiday feeling as well. They have been doing all sorts of things at the kindergarten so she really wants to go.

Anyway, my outfits can still be 'autumnally casual' thanks to the weather. This is what I wore yesterday:

mustard top - Mana
argyle vest - S.Oliver
belt - H&M
corduroy skirt - made by my Mum's seamstress
jacket - Tulchan (I love their clothes, I own plenty!)
tights - local brand
shoes - Camper
angel pendant!
earrings - Etsy (BeadsByEvelyn)

The earrings came as gift. I ordered two other pairs and these were in the package as a surprise. I absolutely adore them! Thanks, Evelyn!

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