Thursday, 15 October 2009

Two Days in October

Two outfit photos today, yesterday's and today's. It's really hard to believe that a week ago you could go out in a shirt (or two, perhaps, as layering is such fun!) and this week, starting Monday, the temperatures have gone all wintery! When I take my boy to school (he's on his swimming course this week) and my daughter to kindergarten in the morning I put on my corduroy jacket plus my trenchcoat plus a warm scarf round my neck and I'm still freezing. This morning, we couldn't use my car as I'd forgotten to take an ice-scraper, and the windshield was frosted! It does get warmer during the day but not actually warm. On Monday, we had torrential rain, so we weren't only cold, we were soaked as well. What on earth happened to 'glorious autumn'?

Anyway, yesterday I wore:

skirt: Brora
cowl-neck sweater: no idea
leather belt: H&M
tights: local brand
flats: local brand
bag: Mango
corsage: Etsy (Oranges & Apples; thanks, Franca!)
angel bracelet!

And today:

shirt: Playlife
cotton V-neck: Broadway
Liberty scarf: Etsy (designedbyjane; thank you, Jane!); the scarf came with a matching corsage which I'm not wearing today
the corsage I'm wearing: gift with internet order
denim skirt: Urko (local brand)
tights: local brand
leg warmers: hand-made by my Mum (when I was about eight, so they're definitely 'vintage'!)
flats: Killah
angel bracelet: I made it, you can see it on the photo in one of the first posts, it's the blue one with the angel pendant


  1. The leg warmers with the denim skirt look fabulous - great look :) You are very clever with your accessories - I should definitely take some tips from you! :D Lovely corsages!


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