Wednesday, 14 October 2009

My Necklace Rack

Hello, dear fellow bloggers,

a short post with the photo of my colourful necklaces. I made some of them myself, I will tell you more about each one when I put it on! My favourite on this rack is the one with big beads dressed in turquoise silk - not made by me, but it served as a 'model' for many necklaces I crafted later on, I even made crochet beads in different colours!

Apart from beads, I also like lockets (I always put my children's photos in them...). I own a few of those as well.

As promised, under the necklaces, a photo of my angel bracelet; you could see it in one of my earlier posts, with my favourite bracelets. The picture of the two angels in the metal frame used to be a brooch, but I already own quite a few angel brooches. They don't sell bracelets at the gallery, so I decided to make one myself. I took off the pin at the back, bought some semi-precious stone beads (avanturine) and gathered them on elastic string and - voila - this is the finished product! This is my most frequently worn bracelet, as the neutral green colour really goes with most of my outfits.

Enjoy the colours of my jewellery!

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  1. Love the shot of all the necklaces together!

    Really like the green shades of the beads on the bracelet - such a clever idea :)


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