Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Piano Recital

Last night my boy had his first piano recital at his music school this year. We all went to listen to him (and a bunch of other children on various instruments as well, of course) and this is what I wore:

roll-neck: Dorothy Perkins
embroidered skirt: Labod (local brand)
red patent leather belt: TopShop
tights: local brand
scarf: H&M
shoes: local brand (I've had them for over fifteen years, so they're practically vintage!; I already gave them away but apparently my Mum kept them as I found them at my parents' house last year and took them back! I love them!)
coat: Dorothy Perkins
silk embroidered clutch: Benetton

This is pretty much the same outfit I wore last Saturday for my best friend's 40th birthday party, and I didn't have a photo taken then. The only thing different was a large red faux patent leather bag I had instead of this tiny black clutch.

The music recital was lovely. My boy is a really talented little pianist and he very much enjoys performing on stage. Both my husband and I played piano as children (ten and nine years respectively) and we're really happy that our eight-year-old enjoys the instrument as well. Apart from the piano, he's very much into rock music...

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