Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Surprise Package!

I've been a blogger for just over a month now - yay! - and I'm really enjoying it! I hope that you, dear fellow bloggers, can find something interesting here as well, although I haven't reached further from my oufits yet; I have great plans, though!

I've decided to make a little something for a dear fellow blogger and on the pic you can see a surprise package that I've just put in the post. Once it reaches its destination, I sincerely hope to get some feedback (to know the package actually has arrived, that is). The contents of the package will be revealed later, as I don't want to spoil the surprise. I enjoyed crafting whatever's in the bag very much and - to get the cat just a little bit out of the bag - it's something I've already been blogging about. Lucky guess, anyone?


  1. Happy 'one month' bloggiversary! Something with angels on it perhaps?

  2. Thank you! Angels? Well, ... no. You can have three guesses, though!

  3. Tonight's guess is . . . em, beaded bracelet? I'm really rubbish at these things! It's probably very obvious - not a very logical 'thinker'! I'm sure it's lovely, whatever it is - I'll try again tomorrow :)

    The packaging is lovely BTW!

  4. Getting very very close... In fact, no need to try tomorrow... Bingo! Fancy that!


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