Monday, 26 October 2009

My Fave Jacket

This is my last Wednesday's outfit. I put on one of my favourite jackets - a one-off piece by a young Slovenian designer I got a couple of years ago. There's a little shop in our capital where you can get fabulous stuff (jewellery, clothes, all sorts of accessories...) made by young Slovenian designers who have not 'made their name' yet and the prices are therefore extremely reasonable.

I bought the jacket for the confirmation of my friend's daughter - I'm her godmother - and wore it with a lovely lace skirt, suede boots, and a beautiful brown hat (I don't have any digital photos from the event, I'll recreate the outfit one day and post a photo on my blog). The jacket is extremely versatile, as the colour palette goes well with most of the items in my closet. I love the floral fabric inserts and the contrast stitching - and best of all, it's deliciously warm!

jacket - one-off piece
top - Mana
jeans - Levi's 501
leg warmers - handmade by my Mum
flats - Killah
bag - town
corsage on bag - H&M, slightly altered by me
angel pendant

I can't believe it's Monday again! We had another 'busy' weekend, B-B-Qing in the woods above our town (the men/boys even spent the night at the cabin). School's off this week so if the weather's nice we might embark on a trip or something. Fingers crossed!

P.S.: Pics are always clickable!

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  1. Fab jacket - that shop sounds great! Hope you have a lovely week off. I like the sound of the log cabin - coool!! :D


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