Monday, 19 October 2009

Party Weekend

Saturday was 'busy'. Lunch was eaten at a friend's 50th birthday party - lovely village cabin, open fire, lots of yummy food, great company. The outfit is from Saturday morning, though, when I was doing some last minute present shopping. I didn't take the photo of my party outfit (it was very casual).

top: M&S
cardi: TopShop
scarf: Barbour
corduroys: Mana; I replaced the buttons - there were some boring chocolate brown buttons on which I didn't like, but these mismatched buttons are fun, don't you think?
over-knee socks: no idea, but I love them!
flats: Killah
angel pendant!
bag: Barbour (I have a thing for Barbour clothes and accessories; I plan to post a special piece on my Barbour treasures!)
wooden piglet key-chain on bag: Shakespeare's Globe Shop (from ages ago)
watch: Axcent of Scandinavia

In the evening we celebrated my best friend's 40th birthday party. I was in charge for the cake (I usually am, I love making cakes). This was a lovely chocolate cake with chocolate cream frosting & chocolate pralines. I borrowed the candles from my daughter... - each candle stands for a decade, of course! We celebrated at the local pizza place; we wanted to have a drink at a bar afterwards but we couldn't find one with 'our age' population... We are officially old!

P.S.: I forgot to mention - I had my hair shortened a bit! And my grey hair dyed...

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  1. Must have been a weekend for parties and celebrating - this is the second blog after my own I've read about today! The cake (and the outfit!) look fab :)

    P.S. My eight year old son behaves like a teenager sometimes too!


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