Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Friday Wear

My outfit last Friday - not my usual colour, I don't particularly like black, but spiced up with green and tan it made me quite happy. The colourful burst of the necklace & corsage did the trick as well.

I wore:

boots - Humanic
tights - local brand
skirt - TopShop
roll-neck - Dorothy Perkins
belt - H&M
cardi - Tulchan
necklace - TwoWay
leather corsage (on necklace) - Etsy (designedbyjane)
beret - Seeberger
corsage (on beret) - TopShop
angel bracelets!

Weekend wear was more relaxed, I wore my corduroys (I don't know why I don't bother taking outfit pics when I wear trousers, I've only done it about twice). We celebrated two birthdays, my brother's on Saturday and our friends' little girl (same age as ours) on Sunday, so the weekend was fun, lots of chatting to family & friends and delicious cakes all around!

Church outfit on Sunday was the same as last Monday's, so I didn't have another pic taken.

Hope you enjoyed your weekend!


  1. I think your outfit is very glamorous - so much care taken over the details! Lovely :)

  2. I love the shape of the cardigan and the colour with th eblack.

  3. Thank you both for the lovely comments, very much appreciated!


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