Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Mustard & Purple

My new favourite colour combo! I used NOT to like purple but now I'm all for it (I still don't like just any shade of it, though, the one I'm wearing is fine). And I really like purple paired with either mustard or green or grey, but not black.

I've already told you that black is not one of my favourite colours. I quite like it on other people but on me, I prefer bright, happy colours (for some reason, I have never associated black with happy, it probably has to do something with black being the colour of mourning in many cultures).

This is what I wore yesterday - this Brora skirt is one of my favourite skirts and it has a lovely story behind it. I got it two years ago, from London (I should say IN London but it wouldn't be quite true...). I spent a long weekend with some friends in London in July 2007 and before we left for London I had seen this skirt on Brora's website and thought - I like this skirt, I would really like to have it! To top it off, they had the same skirt for little girls (MY little girl!) and I was definitely going to come home with a skirt for my daughter and a skirt for Mummie (ie. myself).

After we'd done the sightseeing (my friends 'used' me as their tour-guide because I had spent quite a lot of time in London before I had children) we went to a Brora shop (can't remember which one it was anymore, though) - they had the girl size skirt but they didn't have the right size for me (tears on my pillow...). But, the lady at the shop kindly offered to get it from another shop or their warehouse and could I please pop in next Monday and it would be waiting for me? Unfortunately, 'next Monday' I was going to be back home already so there was no way I could collect it... No problem, apparently! They asked for my address, I was trustworthy enough to leave them my credit card details (I bought the little skirt anyway) and after a few days, my skirt came in the post! And they were both on sale at the time! So my daughter and I are now two very proud owners of two lovely matching mother - daughter skirts (my girl will soon grow out of it, though, and then I might have her skirt re-made into a bodice for me - still thinking!). Even though I don't really want to post pics of my girl on this blog, I will probably have to show you our matching outfits one day...

It is a linen skirt and actually meant to be worn in the summer but I don't really care. With opaque tights and boots it is warm enough for autumn/winter months as well. And I still love it to bits!

boots - Humanic
skirt - Brora
mustard top - Mana
purple top - TwoWay
belt - H&M
angel pendant & bracelets!

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  1. I'm not really a 'purple' person, but I do like it with the mustard! My brother & family live in London but I don't manage to get there very often - OK, I've been once, hehe! Would love to go back tho :)


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