Monday, 23 November 2009

Fun Week!

Last week was wonderful in many ways. First, on Monday, I got my first (very early) birthday present from my Mum & Dad (my birthday is January 6...) - I tend to get my b'day presents early because come November (i.e. two months before the actual date) I start getting these birthday cravings and imagining presents and thinking about things that I need (or would really like to have, for that matter...) and sooner or later someone from my family (either my husband or my parents or... myself, actually...) is willing to give in and actually purchase the desired item...

Anyway, the one I got on Monday was not actually on my list but here's the story: my Mum, who is a very stylish lady - she's my style icon, actually, and one of these days I will ask her if I can post a photo of her on my blog! -, sometimes buys things on the spur of the moment. When she comes home and tries the thing on once again, she decides she doesn't like it on herself and then either returns it or - which is better...- asks me if I want it. The same happened with a very sweet, stylish, chocolate brown, 20s'-style hat she'd bought earlier this month. Would I like a chocolate brown hat for my birthday? As you already know, I love hats, so yes please! It's an absolutely gorgeous hat and as soon as I get a picture taken of me wearing it I'll post it on my blog. You'll see, it's yummy!

The next wonderful thing was - oh, dear - another early birthday present. This time it was me who made the purchase... Here's the story: remember the pink hat I posted some time ago? When I bought it last year I immediately imagined it with a lovely moss green coat - which I unfortunately didn't have at the time. I spent the entire autumn/winter '08/'09 season hunting for a moss green coat in Slovenia but I couldn't find one (not one I would really really like). This autumn, it occured to me that I could search the web and try to find one. And if I was lucky, I thought, it might even be delivered to Slovenia (not all labels do that, you know). I managed to find my absolutely dream coat at Boden and - they did (they do!!!) deliver to Slovenia! It said on the order form that the coat in my size would be available in four weeks, which at that point meant at the end of November. I was definitely willing to wait and I placed the order. After two weeks I got their mail that the coat had been shipped! And it arrived at my doorstep in a lovely box last Wednesday! You can see me wearing my new absolutely gorgeous moss green 'effortless velvet coat' on the pic! Isn't it just adorable? So, this was Wednesday (Thursday's outfit on the pic).

coat - Boden
boots - Humanic
tights - don't know
skirt - S. Oliver
purple top - TwoWay
grey roll-neck - Mana
belt - H&M
scarf - Etsy (AliceCaroline)
beret - Seeberger
corsage (on beret) - TopShop

Then, on Thursday, came the best part of the week. My husband and I drove to our capital in the morning (my husband commutes to Ljubljana anyway) to have lunch with a very dear friend. Before that we stopped at a shopping centre where I found another 'dream' item, a pair of tan leather MaryJanes I'd been searching for - for only 15 euros. Now, that's a bargain. Again, a pic to follow...

And now back to the main event of last week - lunch with our dearest friend. He's been away for a while, he hasn't been too well, but now things seem to be fine, he's his old self again and I'm over the moon! We had the most pleasant time together, my husband and I really enjoyed ourselves... the world seems once again to be a wonderful place!


  1. I am green with envy, hehe - what a fabulous coat! Glad your friend is better again :D


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