Friday, 6 November 2009

My Tweedie Purses

I have already mentioned my love for tweed, Harris Tweed in particular. Unfortunately, there aren't many places in Slovenia where you could get anything made of this absolutely divine fabric, but - thank God for the internet! And skilled crafters like Alison from Tweed thoughts...

But, a resourceful girl as I am, I have found many an opportunity in my life to become a proud owner of (basically) anything made of Harris Tweed. These are my most treasured possessions:

My Glenalmond Harris Tweed rucksack. It was the first Harris Tweed item I bought (oh so many years ago, but - strangely, not in Scotland; it came from a lovely little shop in our capital called 'The Thistle', where you can buy all sorts of goodies from Scotland and Great Britain in general). It was love at first sight, I must say. It was quite expensive, but worth every penny (or cent... or whatever the currency was back then). My lovely Harris Tweed bumble-bee from the lovely (above-mentioned) Alison is currently dwelling on the rucksack.

My tweed purses - I sort of collect them. They arrived last year by post - directly from the Outer Hebrides! I embellished them myself, with hand-made felt flowers and various brooches: the purse with the kilt pin is used for change; the one with the bagpipe brooch is my make-up-to-go purse; and the one with the vintage silver brooch (I adore this brooch, it used to belong to my late Grandmother) is my jewellery-to-go purse (I keep a stash of earrings and bracelets in my bag in case I forget to put them on when I get out of the house in the morning; I feel 'naked' without my jewellery!). I ordered the purses from a lovely on-line shop Harris Tweed and Knitwear; this is the link to the shop:

This is my all-time favourite Harris Tweed purse which I keep with me at all times: it's my 'mobile phone and house keys' purse. I ordered it quite a while ago from Glenalmond (same company as the rucksack) and - again - embellished it with my favourite things: a pair of tassels and felt flowers on a string (which means I can wear this beauty round my neck or as a wristlet).

And, last but not least, my two bags from another wonderful on-line shop, Blackhouse Bags. On the left you can see my wristlet (I use it as my big bag organizer), and on the right, my beloved pink book-bag (I don't use it for carrying books, though, I just use it as a normal little cross-body bag).

Right, this is it. I mustn't forget my gorgeous Harris-Tweed-covered buttons from Alison, they 'live' on my trenchcoat, and the coat looks so much better now! Apart from that, I'm still waiting for that perfect Harris Tweed coat or jacket to come my way. All in due time...


  1. Oh, what a lovely 'tweedie' post Mojca! Thank you so much for feauturing my little bumblebee! He looks very happy on your rucksack :)

  2. I've left you a blog award on my blog. Just a bit of fun and nonsense for a Monday morning! :)

  3. Hello..Hello,
    I found you through Alison's blog. I too have one of her lovely bumblebees buzzing around my Virginia home. I also just received a beautiful little tweedy bird ornament from her ...I love her work and her her funny personality . I look forward to keeping in touch with you and your blog.
    your new USA friend,


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