Friday, 20 November 2009

Pink & Green

I told you about my new favourite colour combination in my last post, mustard & purple. My all-time favourite combination, though, is this one: pink & green! You might have noticed that I wear a lot of these two colours, if nothing else, they appear somewhere in the accessory department. I like them together because they remind me of a garden full of roses (pink, possibly...) with their lush petals and green stems.

These two outfits were both built around my lovely skirt & dress from Kesidov (I've already told you about them and you have seen my green corduroy skirt) - I have some more pieces from them which I will show you in a later post. I think their clothes are really fabulous, definitely one of a kind. They're a bit expensive but they have a sale throughout the year for pieces from previous seasons, so there actually is a possibility of a bargain!
This skirt is called 'Hana' (all their items have names) and what attracted me to this piece in the first place was the colour - not a very pretty shade at first sight but it offers tons of possible combinations. And, of course, the applique flowers. I love them!

I'm wearing:
boots - Humanic
tights - don't know, love the colour, though
skirt - Kesidov
pink faux-wrap top - TwoWay
pink top (worn underneath) - Get
belt - H&M
angel pendant & bracelets!

This dress is called 'Forest Tunic' - I guess the colour was very inspirational! It's extremely versatile as it can be worn either as a dress, a skirt (just put a top over it) or a tunic, over trousers. It's quite warm as well as the material is rather thick. The best thing about Kesidov clothes is that there is always a detail at the back - hence the 'rear pics' today! Something funny happened when I tried to do away with my red eyes - now I have a green circle around my left eye on one of the photos!

I'm wearing:
boots - Humanic
tights - no idea
dress - Kesidov
pink top - TwoWay
belt - H&M
scarf - TwoWay
angel bracelets! (no need for the pendant here...)

Hope your week so far has been as enjoyable as mine - and why mine has been so much fun will be the topic of the next post!


  1. I DO love pink and green together - very yummy! Look forward to hearing about your fun week :)!

  2. Dear Biba,
    Thank you very much for enjoing in our pieces :)). Irena, Kesidov web shop.


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