Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Easter Decoration

Welcome into my home! Let me give you a few peeks at our Easter decoration...

The felt chicks were hand-made by my son (the blue one), my daughter (the red one) and me (the pink one). I cut the shapes and helped the children with the sewing but basically it was their work.Aren't they adorable? The cycling hen was a gift from friends who knew exactly what I liked...
(Plus can you spot the stained glass door... I sincerely apologise for that...)

And what I like is the London-based designer Gisela Graham! She's the brain behind all these decorations (apart from the felt chicks, of course). The above wreath was absolutely too lovely to pass in the shop. I got it last year. Still love it.

This hen lives on the window sill in our bedroom. Not just at Easter. I tend to forget to put it away once the Easter period is over (at Pentecost)...

And the bunnies? Could you have left them lying in a shop? Abandoned? I couldn't.


  1. Lovely Easter decorations - we don't do much in the UK so I was amazed at the Easter market in Klagenfurt.

  2. I love your sense of style Mojca - your decorations are beautiful :)
    (Your felt chicks are particularly cute!)


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