Thursday, 15 April 2010

Going Green

My favourite colour! When I woke up in the morning I felt 'green' so I had to pull my green clothes out of the closet. Not that it presented a problem finding something green in there... I thought it would be only slightly over the top if I added green tights and flats and scarf so I opted for the contrasting bordeaux/purple. And mustard, of course (it's my top under the V-neck, neither of which can be seen properly, sorry; it didn't cross my mind to take the coat off, though...).

Today I'm wearing:

flats - Killah
tights - Polzela (local brand)
skirt - Kesidov
green V-neck - local shop
mustard top - Mana
skinny belt - H&M
scarf - Etsy (AliceCaroline)
coat - Boden

We had another lovely spring day, the sun was out and warm enough to wear my flats, yay! No boots, see?


  1. You have some amazing textures in your closet! Cute shoes!

  2. That shade of green looks lovely with the plum. Isn't it great to see the weather change?


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