Thursday, 22 April 2010

Happy Campers

Have I mentioned that I absolutely and utterly adore Camper shoes? Well, I do. I am a proud owner of three pairs so far (outlet stores, here I come!) and I love each and every pair.

They're extremely comfortable and I love the fact that each pair of shoes has a name. Unfortunately I'm not sure what the names of my Campers are. The pink pair is from the Peu range and the other two are from the Twins range, and that's about it as far as my knowledge goes.

I got the red pair on sale in the summer six years ago when I was pregnant with my daughter. These were my very first Campers and at the time I thought they were so appropriate!

Which is your favourite pair?


  1. Hi popped by to say hello!! I like the last pair best!!! Great colour!

  2. They look really comfy! The second pair look great!

  3. Ahh wow all of these shoes are soo cute I want them all. I love the clothes hanger ones...not to sound strange though but are the bottom red pair of sprem??? Haha made me laugh either way. Really enjoying your blog by the way.

    Laura xxx

  4. Ohhh, taprvi so sublimni:-)

  5. Pozdravljena, Matilda,

    izgleda, da sva si stilsko precej blizu! Camper, pa Boden... gotovo bi se našlo še kaj. Ali tudi sama kaj 'blogaš'? Oglasi se še kaj!


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