Thursday, 29 April 2010

The Lake - Part Two

Last autumn I blogged about my favourite spot in our hometown. As winter was nearing, I was expressing my sorrow about not being able to 'walk my walk' or 'run my run' quite as often as desired.

Now that spring has finally arrived (about time, too, as it's the end of April!) I have had several opportunities to visit my favourite spot again. Different season, different images.

I posted some autumnal shots back then, and today, let me present some close-ups of the lake's lovely surroundings. God, I love this place!

Everything always looks so serene up here, even when the place is buzzing with people (the lake is very popular with fishermen from all over the country). And the impression I get from the place is usually transferred to my state of mind...

So I get a good workout plus inner peace. What more can I wish for?


  1. I see why you love it is beautiful...;-)

  2. Ah, sounds lovely Mojca! A workout in a beautiful location - sounds good to me :)


Thanks for taking your time!