Friday, 9 April 2010

Liberty Bracelet

Still warm! I've just made it! I know, it's Friday night, I should probably be doing something else (like... sleeping, perhaps?) but I have been waiting to craft this little beauty for a few days now.

I don't think I've told you before but I'm totally in love with Liberty fabric (as well as Harris Tweed...). Not many things are available in Slovenia made of Liberty fabric so thank goodness for the internet shopping! I've already purchased a couple of scarves from Etsy and I love them to bits. There are some other little things that I've got - I might write about them in a later post. I really envy all of you guys in Britain and America - the new Liberty for Target line is just adorable! They actually do deliver to Slovenia but unfortunately the shipping costs are so high that I might just as well fly to London and visit the Liberty store... It's quite a good idea, come to think of it...

Now, back to my brand new bracelet. I purchased little squares of Liberty fabric from Etsy (fifty different patterns). I selected the blue ones and had some fabric-covered buttons made (they'll be ready tomorrow), and the creams, the reds, and the pinks have just been made into this adorable little bracelet! I sewed the squares together, made a tube, filled it with wooden beads and made knots in between. I'm rather happy with the result! I think my new bracelet will get a lot of wear!

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