Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Liberty Belle Blossom

I told you I had a thing for Liberty fabric. I was going through a book store in our capital the other day and I saw...her. I immediately spotted the Liberty Wiltshire print and in addition to that, the name on the tag said 'I am Liberty Belle Blossom'. Blossom! She was mine there and then.

She also reminded me of my wee girl a little bit. At first I thought the doll would be a wee something for her but she wasn't too impressed at the sight of her so I decided to keep her myself. I know what you're thinking... How old am I?

Now she lives in my bag or on my desk next to my computer. I wouldn't be me if I didn't add something of my own - a turquoise bracelet and a pink sash with a big bow at the back (to match the ribbons in her hair...). I think she's so cute!

A few days later I got another one, Liberty Belle Poppy, for a very good friend who's in hospital with a badly injured knee. In case you're wondering, she's about my age. A bit older, in fact. She loved the present! I got a bracelet and a sash for Poppy as well. Now my friend and I think of each other whenever we take a look at our dolls.

Soul sisters.


Thanks for taking your time!