Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Another One...

Well, what can I say? When I'm obsessed with something then I'm REALLY obsessed with that. This time it's Liberty fabric and these famous Boden circles. I've just rejuvenated an old straw bag. This morning (yes, my darlings, I actually found the time to do it this morning!) I did it again. Oops!
Here's the 'before' picture:

I bought this bag about ten years ago. In Britain, of course. It's from Accessorize. The last time I wore it was... nine years ago. I took it to the maternity hospital with me when I gave birth to my boy. I could never bring myself to give it away - I bought it in Britain, for heaven's sake!

This is the 'after' picture:

Isn't it just adorable? (I know, I know...)


Thanks for taking your time!