Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Art Swap - Triple Bracelet

I have finally decided on what to send as my art swap handmade gift. It is this triple bracelet that I absolutely adore. I made a similar one for myself several years ago and practically wore it out - I don't wear it anymore because it falls apart every time I put it on and with all new projects on my mind I just don't have the energy to mend it...

The bracelet is made of three separate strands - one with green glass tubes & plastic flowers, one with pink glass beads, and one with red, orange and pink wooden beads with a burgundy satin bow. The pink bow you see on the pic just holds the trio together.

This is what the bracelet looks like worn on the wrist. Pretty, isn't it?

Apart from the bracelet, I'm adding a necklace in matching colours, made of wooden and glass beads.

And being a good girl that I am, I'm adding a packet of matching tissues.

Ana from New Zealand, I hope you like your art swap gift!

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