Wednesday, 9 June 2010

SCWC Day Three: Pink & Green

Another glorious late spring day! Warm enough even by my standards (well, almost...). I'm wearing item number three from the capsule list. With some fabulous accessories in my favourite colours.

This dress has a story behind it. You can well imagine that it is not one of the most frequently worn pieces from my closet - slightly too fitting and a wee bit too feminine - even though I like feminine things - and white is not really my usual colour. I have been thinking about giving it away but somehow can't bring myself to do so.

Anyway, I bought the dress on summer sale six years ago when I was seven months pregnant with my daughter. I thought at the time that it would be a great maternity dress because it was really stretchy. And I actually wore it to church - August 15, 2004, the Feast of Assumption, five weeks before giving birth to my little girl!

You can't see it on the pics properly but the dress is only so slightly see-through, it's off the shoulders, and I paired it with some killer heels and a large white straw hat... What was I thinking? Well, there is one thing I can say - I was one hot mama and there are people in our town who still remember 'that spicy pregnant lady with...'. Ha!

As for today's accessories, I've mentioned they're my favourite colours, pink & green. I borrowed these absolutely gorgeous sandals from my best friend and wore them to our concert a fortnight ago. Love them, love them, love them! Check the lovely back detail on the bottom pic. I also like my pink suede belt a lot, not to mention my lovely bag. All in all, a bunch of favourites!

Today's accesories:

sandals - Bata (borrowed from best friend)
belt - TopShop
necklace - self-made (Liberty fabric)
bag - Oilily
peony corsage (on bag) - L'Occitane
angel earrings & bracelet


  1. WOW you are doing great on the wardrobe challenge and to be honest the only courageous one to sport white !
    I love how you have worn that dress in completely different ways, do¡t give it away!
    I am also in the summer capsule challenge and every time I visit another blogger who is in it I feel worst as I shall be known as the lazy one, who picked 5 dresses for 5 days.

  2. I love the story of the dress and don't get rid of it - it looks sensational. Your idea for a blank canvas cpasule is inspired.


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