Tuesday, 1 June 2010

In Concert

The choir I sing in held its annual concert last Friday. It was a lovely evening. This is a picture of me on stage - not singing, though. Pictures of people performing are usually a bit funny, with our mouths open and things like that...

Our 'singing' uniform is black trousers/skirt and a black top, and the female part of the choir can add any colourful accessories we like (men wear coloured ties). This time I chose a gorgeous peony blossom I got at L'Occitane the other day and I wore a pair of gorgeous acid green high-heel sandals I borrowed from a friend - I'll post a pic of those as well!


  1. You look lovley!! Love the peony!

  2. What a fab pic! You look great (beautifully accessorised as always!) :)


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