Friday, 4 June 2010

Summer Capsule Wardrobe Challenge

Two days (and a bit) to go! These are the items I've chosen:

1. white logo T-shirt from Benetton
2. navy blue V-neck cardi from Zara
3. white cotton-knit dress from Jois&Jo
4. white pin-stripe blazer from Labod
5. white trousers from Playlife

Unusual colour scheme for me, right? I'm basically creating a blank canvas for lots of colourful accessories! I hope the weather is warm enough for these light pieces, otherwise I might have to add an additional jacket - I'll keep you posted!

P.S.: An apology to all of you who have been expecting the pics of my baked goodies from last Sunday - never got round to taking them, sorry! And by the end of the day - a lovely one, if I may say so myself - there was not much left to take a picture of...


  1. Hi Mojca - I'm so sorry but will have to opt out of the Art Swap - so much on at the moment!
    Alison x

  2. Hi Mojica, did I get back to you about the art swap? I thought I did, but cannot find the comment I thought I made. It basically said, that I am in! And will get to posting off the crafties in a week or two. Is this ok?

  3. Hi, Alison - that's OK, perhaps another time?

    Hi, Teeny, so glad you're in! Thank you so much!


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